Dove #ChooseBeautiful

Only 4% of all women describe themselves as beautiful. Dove set out to change that. We tackled the issue head-on by embarking on a journey to five countries to give real women the choice between beautiful and average. We asked the women how they feel about their choices and to define the term "Beautiful". Most of the women we interviewed wished that they had chosen to enter the Beautiful door, as now they feel empowered by their own choices, instead of what society tells them to do. The campaign lives beyond film, with footprints in Print, Shopper, Digital, Social and PR with over 120 million views across 70 markets worldwide. As a living extension of the campaign, Dove partnered with Tumblr to give a platform for women all over the world to discuss what it means to be Beautiful.

Creative Team: Joe Sciarrotta, Maureen Shirreff, Luissandro del Gobbo, Sam Spratlin, Olen Amelia






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